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Infra 2018

Cycling & Greenways

Connecting people and opportunities

Mobility isn’t just about driving. It’s about moving people and goods from A to B in the quickest, safest and most sustainable ways possible. Of course we need our roads – but we need other connections, too. Greenways, public transport and pedestrianised areas are all part of mobility. How mobile are you? Try a new way to be mobile and see where it takes you.


Greenways are traffic-free links connecting towns, cities and villages for commuting, everyday journeys, exercise and leisure. In Northern Ireland we already have a number of convenient greenways, with a strategic plan in place to expand and develop a wider network.

Using greenways to get from A to B benefits many aspects of everyday life including health and wellbeing, social, environmental and economic. They encourage increased levels of exercise and outdoor activities leading to healthier, happier populations, while the reduction in traffic congestion has obvious environmental advantages.

Plan for Greenways


Cycling as a mode of transport, whether for commuting or everyday journeys, is hugely beneficial to our towns and cities in relation to both our wellbeing and our environment. Actively encouraging people to choose cycling over the car has many advantages, but we need to ensure the safety of cyclists.

Traffic-free greenways that connect our communities are making it safer for cyclists to make their journeys without the level of stress that busy roads can create. As our greenway network throughout Northern Ireland increases, cyclists can enjoy their journeys completely traffic-free.

Cycling in NI

Sustrans calls for safe routes to schools in Northern Ireland.

Sustrans - Community Active Travel Programme.


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